We call what we do a kind of vision quest or, more appropriately, a visual quest. Our quests go something like this: We do a lot of preliminary research about an area we want to visit, searching for modern architecture, landscapes by known designers or artists, sculpture parks and site-specific artworks. Our taste is for the less ordinary, the less easily understood or, sometimes, the less easy to get to. Some places are nexuses, some are isolated and can feel weird. We map it out; we establish itineraries. We operate in a very focused way. But we hope, always, that serendipity alters our best-laid plans; we welcome encountering something other than what we came for.

It’s about the finding; it’s about the journey. It’s about “arslocii,” intentional sites, places of real vision and transcendence, where the meaningful placement of architecture, art and/or designed landscape in their environment results in a singular and wholly formed work whose parts are inseparable, producing a heightened creative unity — in other words, a “placeness.”

Probasco Haus Press has set itself a challenge and a mission: to discover these sites, explore the meaningful convergences and engage with the spiritual aspects of the merger – a primal connection, a visceral understanding. Then, we will write here — and at our website http://www.arslocii.com — about our discoveries, as a way of figuring out how these pairings complement and enhance each other, becoming something greater.

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